Pregnant woman in kitchen eating a salad smilingOur Mission

Girlfriends Guild, Inc. is a non-profit organization, giving women the confidence and the right healthy attitude about life. Our mission is to improve the health and social status of women, children and families by increasing health awareness and preventative health care through information, advocacy and support that encompasses all stages of a woman’s life.

Vision Statement

We believe in the power of thoughts and the use of the mind body connection to lead us to healing and to a deeper understanding of our bodies and ourselves.

We know that it is no small task to change one’s focus from what can go wrong to what can go right and to empower women to shift from destructive behaviors to ones that are associated with health. However, we hope to do so, with re-education and providing resources in which women and young girls can learn to properly care for their bodies. In doing so, the family unit as a whole is strengthened, as well as the communities in which we live, and thus, creating a brighter future for our children.